Friday, May 20, 2005

Blog Help Groups

Discussing ideas, problems and techniques with others adds real value to getting the most out of a computer application. Fortunately, has a forum for trading messages in several different types of discussion themes. Check out Registering is free.

Any other forums or discussion groups out there supporting folks using MSN Spaces and Yahoo 360?

One brilliant solution the bloggerforum provided me within minutes was for making a sidebar list of post titles longer than 10 items, the unchangeable default in Blogger. I was directed by CptCanuck to for a javascript generator that has many uses, but in my cases used it to grab a list of my own headings and set the default to some number between 10 and 100. Worked like a charm when I pasted it into my template and commented out the blogger code. Gotta love communities that care. It certainly has me thinking about including fresh postings from other blog sites without confusing readers about what came from where.


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