Friday, May 20, 2005

Photo Blogs

Fortunately for photography, photography blogs have not been abbreviated to phlogs or phlogging. The term photoblog has been coined to describe a new form of near instant image uploading and viewing, an online source of photos, graphics and imagery (Google search for photoblog). The site Photoblogs ( notes thousands of photoblogs in over 80 countries in over 35 languages. (See also;,, and Yahoo's photoblog service directory.) At such sites each click of the next button brings up image after image. Visit the photoblog site by clicking this link or the screen shot below. Once there, click the small pictures (thumbnails) to see their larger versions.

Click image for larger display.


Blogger Greg Franklin said...

I think that with photo blogs and audio blogs, the educational use has expanded greatly. Simply thinking about the possibility of my students taking pictures of their classroom, recording greeting messages, uploading them to a blog site and then students from other cities, states and countries doing the same is very exciting. What a tremendous insight into education and culture. I think teachers should really begin to explore the options of blogs and what possibilities they hold for today's students.

7/06/2005 07:50:00 PM  

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