Monday, June 20, 2005

What are some examples of a Blog?

If you had never seen a book, hearing a description of a book would be useful and yet lead to a very limited understanding of books. Nothing beats getting your hands on a wide variety of books to better know their value. Knowing that a blog is a kind of online journal with date and time stamped postings of information to a web site suffers from the same problem. Consequently, use the links below to jump into a few of these blogs and give them a skim. Millions of blogs are currently available on the Internet for searching and browsing. Some are actually worth reading. To find a blog site for your interests, search Google for "blog" and add subject of choice. Make your own judgments on this set below. News of more highly rated blogs in these and other categories is always welcome.

Social Studies: ; ; (business)

Books and Reading: You have to scroll this page a bit before you realize its a blog; Waterboro Library Blog

Blogs for Kid Writers: BlogMeister

Technology: ; Weblogg-ed ; ; ; edtech insider

Teaching: Blackboard Jungle; Edublog Insights; Hip Teacher; Ms. Frizzle

Educational Administration: Teacher of the Year - Curriculum Director ; ; Tim Lauer's blog, principal of Meriwether Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon ;
Eduwonk ; Number 2 Pencil

Multimedia Blogs: image, audio and text: iThink Blog (by Bob Houghton)

Science: ;

Writing: Education Bloggers Network ; (college freshman) ; ; Teaching Blog Teacher's point of view

Mathematics: ; Blog of a Math Teacher

Instead of blog categories, another approach would be to explore the top 100 "power" blog writers voted most influential. If use of a blog site goes beyond professional needs to be used for school classroom needs, examine it for thoroughly to determine if the writer covers topics or uses titles or language inappropriate for younger people.


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